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Dove Tail Bat makes it to the #League


At Dove Tail Bat Company, we have been in the wood industry for over 40 years. It began when we developed and grew DoveTail Cabinetry and Designed Living, our custom-cabinetry and kitchen showroom business. During that time our youngest son played baseball in high school and college, and would complain about the quality of the bats he was using. The first bat Paul made, he used maple stock planned for table legs. That was in 2005. Over the next 8 years we sold our bats to our sons college and professional teammates as well as adult mens leagues around the US. 2014 was Dove Tail Bats debut year in the big leagues followed by 2015 when the Kansas City won the World Series in which 70% of the runs were scored with a Dove Tail Bat. Most recently in 2019, Pete Alonso set the current Rookie Home Run record hitting 53 home runs with a Dove Tail Bat and was named the Rookie of the Year as a result of this.

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