2021 #SmartExposure Tour

Does your son want to play baseball at the next level? 



Are you (un)recruited or (un)der-recruited? 
Do you know all the options available to you to continue to chase your dream? 
Cam remembers what it was like to be in that situation. Listen to his story:

The 2021 (un)discovered #SmartExposure tour is designed to accomplish three very specific goals. 

  1. Enable players to be educated about various college choices available to them based on their current skill set and long term potential. Give players unique resources to develop recruitable relationships with college programs that meet their profile. To provide college potential athletes with dedicated exposure events that challenge the athlete and present his skills to college coaches with specific needs. 
  2. To provide potential college athletes with first hand experience in the college baseball process. College baseball is not Tournament Baseball requiring a different approach and mindset. This tour exposes the player to the rigors of college baseball in controlled demanding situations. 
  3. Give players multiple dedicated opportunities to earn next level opportunities. 




With #smartexposure, from your sons initial evaluation in the program through the end of the tour; your son will be acclimated to the demands and expectations of college baseball while being lead by a staff of professional and collegiate coaches and scouts. 

 Using a luxury tour bus, the team and support staff will embark on an up to 8 day tour of the southeast. During the tour, players will visit as many as 10 different college campuses and have opportunity to engage directly with teams that have defined needs. In addition, our creative exposure model will attract additional evaluators to various events on the tour. From competitive PBR/PG events to scout day we will coordinate the right exposure for our athletes to be successful. 


  • Competitive Events 
  • Skills Showcases
  • Scout Days
  • Professional and College COaching
  • On-campus academic, athletic, and student life exposure
  • Uniforms
  • One B45 Bat
  • Recruiting support
  • Off-season development
  • Indoor Training Facility
  • High School Outdoor Training Facility
  • Evaluations and Developmental support from current college and MLB evaluators, trainers, and players. 


At each stop on the tour, our athletes will interact with a number of collegiate support staff from academics, admissions, and athletics. Our players will be developed to know how to interact, engage with coaches and support staff, and advocate for themselves as valuable assets to the program. Tours may include stops at academic facilities, athletic facilities, and student life facilities as time permits. 




Cam didn't go from walk-on to professional baseball player overnight. It was a long process full of uncertainty and confusion. Cam didn't have many opportunities, so he made the best of the ones that he had. 

Cam believes in the power of small school baseball and wants to expose more players to this amazing opportunity. 



The Southeast is full of great competitive small school baseball. You may not know about many of these schools because their recruiting budgets and opportunities generally are hard to find. With #smartexposure, we will build a trip schedule that includes some of the best (un)discovered baseball in the southeast. By using our college connections that trust our training and evaluative skills we will create an exposure tour that includes some of the best schools you don't know!

Opportunity could be anywhere!


44 Total Players  * 16 Dedicated Pitching Spots * 
  • Target Class 2022: exceptions can be made on an individual bases for non-classed and graduated participants. 
  • Teams will be selected by the coaching staff based on the exposure goals of each event and athlete. Players are welcomed and encouraged to showcase at multiple positions. 
First Payment - $500 Due by upon invitation to program
Second Payment - $1250 Due by May 15
Final Payment - $1250 Due by June 15
Payment plans, scholarships, and fundraising available upon request. 
Any player wishing to attend only part of the tour can leave and resume the tour at the players expense and responsibility. No refunds will be provided for missed events. In the event that COVID-19 prevents the tour all fees will be refunded less any training costs, uniforms, etc. 
In May your player will receive his player packet. Included in the packet will be the exact day to day schedule as it is known at that time. Details will be provided about tour stops, hotels, target schools, etc at that time. 
Day to Day your son will be expected to compete and behave as a college level baseball player. He will be housed in hotels and provided a daily breakfast. All other meals will be paid through your sons per diem, just like college. 
Each day of the tour will present different opportunities and challenges for each athlete to showcase their skills and develop relationships with programs and coaches that can help them fulfill their collegiate baseball dreams. 
COMPETITIVE EVENTS - Events will be scheduled regionally at tournaments that lends itself to maximum exposure for our athletes. This will be a tournament style competition. Each team will be independently entered in to the event and coached competitively by our Coaching Team. (un)disc2overed will provide recruiting profiles and schedules to target schools to witness our players in competitive action. 
SHOWCASE EVENTS - During the week the players will participate in Show case style skills events. Prior to the bus trip, the players will be coached in how to perform in these individually specific events. (un)disc2overed will curate guest coaches to attend the session from the list of target schools and will commit to each showcase event being witnessed by college coaches. 
SCOUT DAY - Similar to a showcase, a scout day will be a more intense version of our show case event. The scout day has the potential to be attended by scouts that have been to competitive events and showcase events through the week. 
TEAM WORK OUTS - Periodically on the trip, the bus will stop at a select college campus for a team work out. This will be a private workout only open to C2 staff and invited scouts and coaches. This is a practice style event.
ACADEMIC& ATHLETIC VISITS - Your player will tour the academic and athletic services provided by the various schools on the trip. Each day will feature one academic tour that will focus more on compliance, education, and qualification. 

FELLOWSHIP -  One of the best parts of being part of a team is travelling the country with the boys. On this trip, in addition to baseball specific events, the team will also have an opportunity to fellowship with other athletes looking to be DISCOVERED!
  • 9 days bus travel, hotel, and food during the TOUR
  • Personal Recruiting Coach
  • Dedicated Off-Season Training to get you ready for HS in person or virtual support
  • Dedicated Pre-season Camp
  • Exposure to multiple schools at various levels
  • New Era Uniform and Swag Package
  • One B45 Wooden Bat (customized)
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Daily Per Diem/Meals
  • Player outings
  • Dedicated College and Pro Coaching Staff
  • A personalized recruiting coordinator

    and much much more....