Developmental Baseball 10U - 14U

What Is Developmental Baseball? 
It's not "travel" ball! It's not recreational ball! It's developmental ball. 
At (un)disc2overed, we believe that baseball is not a game played from Saturday morning to Sunday night.
At all levels of baseball, except "travel" ball, the emphasis is on a seven day schedule. 
We've created Developmental Baseball to serve our Core Values and provide every child with the opportunity to develop in this game over time; not worry about what trophy they are looking for in one weekend. 

We want them to focus on a seven day week and prepare themselves to compete in the classroom and on the baseball field. We expect our players to work hard at getting better, because we give them the best trainers and coaches in the game. 
While we value and thrive on competition, we also understand that competition without skill, is wasted. 
Our goal is to develop our athlete's. To give them access to the best trainers in the game, the trainers that train our pros. We will give them access to some of the best around baseball to build a complete young man. 
While we want to win when we compete, we know that we win when kids reach the potential of their dreams. 
Growth - Learning the game takes time. Did you know that there are 25 different ways to score a run from 3rd base? 
That knowledge takes time for young men to digest. Our developmental program inspires growth in the game in all aspects. 
Champions are Made
At (un)disc2overed we believe that. In fact, Cam lives that every day from his training to his approach to his job as a professional baseball player. He understands the value of the time it takes to reach your dreams. it take lots of effort to be a champion! Lot's of commitment! Lot's of training and preparation. 
In order to make champions, we need to have the best coaches and trainers. Our team has the resume to help anyone in the game. In fact, we make sure that our (un)disc2overed athletes train with the same guys that train Cam! 
Once you combine our amazing coaches with our High School staff and our relationship with Charlie Culberson Baseball, you have a POWERFUL engine to reach our goal!
Our goal is not to produce "championships", it's to produce CHAMPIONS in our community. 
Our Core Values 
Hustle - Communication - Respect - Vision - Desire - Commitment 
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10U - 14U
We are interested in any North Georgia Ballplayer that plays 10U-14U. Your talent level, while important, does not matter as much as your desire to be discovered. If your goal is to play high school baseball and you want a Core Value focused developmental baseball program, (un)disc2overed if for you!
We want great families! 
At (un)disc2overed, we consider ourselves family. It's important to us that our players, trainers, coaches, and families have an opportunity to help all of our boys. We have formed a parents advisory committee that will meet and help the organization stay grounded in mission and purpose. We invite families encouraged by the baseball process to join like minded families and get some of their life back. At (un)disc2overed, we don't play every weekend we play enough to make our kids the best they can be! We also value them as young men and want them to develop other interests. 
We want growth minded players!
(un)disc2overed Developmental Baseball is not for everyone. It's only for players and families that want more from their program. Since growth is our goal we surround your child with high school, college, and pro players and coaches. It's our expectations that our players are serious about development and use these opportunities to learn from the leaders in our program. This isn't recreational baseball, but it's certainly not "travel" ball. If you want a home for your son where growth of the total player is the goal were here for you. 
Our Facilities
(un)matched in Gwinnett County we have the finest facilities available to the youth in the county. 
We've recently partnered with Renz Baseball Academy to build the (un)disc2overed Community Baseball Center. This 10,000 sq foot facility will be an amazing addition to RBA as it will add an addition 3 cages for hitting, a strength and conditioning area, pro-style hitting tunnel, and more!
From our prograde turf training area to our 14,000 lumens of light, our facility is made for our pros and youth players alike. 
We have partnered with a number of local high schools to provide the best outdoor training facilities in the county. Our Youth/Middle School Program will be hosted by Dacula High School The Dacula Dugout Club believes in #communitybaseball and has graciously offered the use of their facilities so we can continue to grow amazing ball players in Gwinnett. 
Our Select and High School Program will be hosted by Apalachee High School. Once again, we have partnered with one of the best facilities in the area to provide our youth select and High School programs an outdoor home!
You'll be hard pressed to find a local program that offers such comprehensive facility offerings. 
From the best facilities and trainers to a mission statement that helps any player with passion, (un)disc2overed developmental baseball is home for you!
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