Camwood IN PERSON 30 Day All-American Training Program

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(un)discovered has joining forces with Camwood Bats to provide the most innovative training program in baseball to the (un)discovered family. 

The Camwood 30 Day All-American Program is a virtually guided hitting system that has changed the swing of thousands of players around the country.  Once a day for 30 days, you follow the CamWood program to see significant gains in your swing from 8 to proball. 


2 Camwood Training Bats - one hand trainer and one hand and speed training bat

Camwood Lessons - 30 Days of planned lessons that your player will execute from home. 

Private DAILY lessons with Cam, Brody, & More - upon buying this amazing package your player will be invited to a private facebook group. Once a day for 30 days profressional players Cam Coursey of the Arizona Diamondbacks & Brody Wofford of the Lake Erie Crushers will work with your athlete on the lessons and drills required for the package.

Once per week in-person training - That's right 1X per week, your athlete will come into the Better Baseball Arena @ the (un)discovered community baseball center execute his lessons in person with Cam, Brody, and the C2 team. We will work with your athlete in person to get the feel of the drills and measure gains with them. 


In-Person Training Schedule

Camwood Round Two Begins February 21!


In person sessions will be held Friday Nights

6PM - 7PM

WAIT there's more!!!!

Order the 30 Day All-American Program with Cam & Brody and come to Friday Night Hitting with AP - FREE!!!!

This is a $399 value for $299!


SAVE $100


Don't want the in-person lessons and Friday night hitting but want to join the team? Buy the CamWood Training system for $199 and be included in the the 30 Day All-American Training Group with Cam and Brody! Get daily support from Pro-athletes working on the same skills as your player with Cam & Camwood Bats. 

 Already completed Camwood and want the Weekly In-Person Sessions?


Join us! $100 for four Friday Night sessions. 

Camwood is committed to developing athletes the right way! Join the pro-staff at (un)discovered and get your 30 Day All-American Training!