Softball Rec Prep

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Join (un)disc2overed athlete on Wednesday's for our Rec Prep Softball Program. 

This innovative 1 hour group training program is perfect for aspiring softball players of all ages. 

Led by the amazing (un) Softball Staff this program will be the perfect fit for any young lady looking to improve her skills in hitting, fielding, defense, conditioning and more. 

Coach Tonya Medders - Coach Medders is the Assistant Coach at National Softball Power Georgia Gwinnett College. Coach Medders will be leading the Rec Prep sessions providing a college coaches support and perspective to insure your athlete develops sound fundamental softball skills every time she shows up. 

Coach Amy Dickey - with over 20 years of local softball coaching experience and leading tens of girls to college softball Coach Dickey understands softball hitting as well as any coach in the county. 

Two of the finest softball coaches in the county leading small group sessions that WILL develop your athlete. 

Sessions last 1 hour with attendance limited to 12 girls per hour each Wednesday. 

7:00PM - 8:00PM - this session is geared toward younger or newer softball players 12 and under. In our early session our lessons and instruction will be very fundamental focused with our coaches working on the core catch and throw skills & hitting skills necessary to be successful in recreational softball in Gwinnett COunty. 

8:00PM - 9:00PM - this session is geared toward older athletes that need to develop more advanced skills in the game. 

Each session will have a combination of drills, competition, and development that will keep the sessions lively and fun. With the combined experience of the (un)disc2overed softball coaching staff, your athlete will develop the skills and confidence necessary for successful transition to recreational softball. 

$25 for an individual session

$100 for 5 Sessions